A fast return for your excess components

When you are looking for a fast solution to your excess inventory issue, CCL will provide an outright offer on individual lines or the whole lot.

We have close partnerships with OEMs and CEMs across the globe, and using twenty years of sales history and bespoke software, we will match your excess to their Bill of Materials (BOMs). This means you'll receive the most competitive market price for your stock. We also have many other targeted prospects ready to buy your stock.

Once a price is agreed, you will receive fast payment and CCL will arrange the freight; all you have to do is package up your stock ready to be shipped to us.

The main benefit of Outright Buy is that we can find a buyer for your redundant stock and arrange the payment usually within a week. The shipping is arranged by us, leaving you with clear space in your warehouse ready for the next delivery.

Send your list now or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.